Wanasa is the newest addition to Team BannLynchMcDade. Wanasa has fifteen years of playing experience from junior to professional level. Previously residing in the US, Wanasa has returned with Level 3 Golf, Level 2 Junior & Level 2 Fitness certifications from the Titleist Performance Institute. With well-rounded knowledge and experience in all aspects of golf instruction combined with personal playing experience, Wanasa can tailor teaching to golfers of all skill levels and ability. In addition, Wanasa is fluent in both English and Mandarin, which enables her to communicate effectively to clients.


The Yarra Bend Golf Junior Term Program is delivered by highly qualified coaches from BannLynchMcDade Golf Coaching.

Three different Junior Classes are run, each targeting a different age group: Cyclone (5 – 8 years), SMASH (9 – 12 years) and the Golf Development Program (13 – 17 years). Classes run on Saturdays, and Sundays throughout the school term.

All three classes (age groups) include Golf Training stations, Physical Training stations and grading days. 


Within each class you’ll visit two golf stations. Each station focuses on two themes of golf skill and technique. Themes repeat for four consecutive weeks to help students master the basics before moving onto more advanced themes. 

Technique and skill works are conducted on the Yarra Bend driving range, short-game area & putting greens. Students will also experience using Toptracer Range on the driving range to track their shots and play scoring games. All programs cover driving, fairway shots, irons, short shots, chipping, and putting. 


Physical Stations are conducted by a child physical development experts. Physical Development is crucial in the development of student’s sports skills.

We endeavor to create excellent athletes in our pursuit to grow the game of golf. 


As students make their way through the curriculum, there is a requirement to assess their progress. We run grading days twice per year – similar to the belt system used in Karate & Martial Arts training. 

To progress through each level, juniors must pass fun, age-appropriate, tests that examine their ability to execute the basic golf and athletic skills they have learned throughout the year. Students attempt various skills and are rewarded points as they complete each station – these points add up to conclude their final grading level. If a student successfully completes a level, they’re rewarded with a badge that indicates skill level and subsequent curriculum. 


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per term

Golf fundamentals are taught and developed via a series of skill progressions. These progressions break down individual swing components into easy-to-understand concepts. Young children take more time to master a new skill and because of this, we teach each fundamental for four consecutive weeks; giving your child enough time to develop the skill being learned.

In addition, we create a learning environment that encourages exploration and creativity, both critical elements in the process of motor learning.

Developing Fundamental Movement Skills is the focus of the Cyclone Program. It becomes easier for children to learn golf fundamentals as they start to become more athletic. Once enrolled in the Yarra Bend Golf Junior Program, your child’s athletic foundation will be assessed and further developed as we include athletic training in every session. Development in your child’s athletic foundation will also enhance their ability in other sports they play.

SMASH – 9-12 years


per term

The SMASH Program continues to develop the athletic foundation required to play golf well. From a growth and maturation perspective, 9 – 12 years old is the perfect time to learn a new skill. This is reflected in the SMASH Program’s curriculum, with a heavy focus on refining existing golf skills and developing new ones.

Heavy emphasis is placed on the development of Fundamental Sport Skills throughout this phase of development. The combination of Fundamental Movement Skills, developed in the Cyclone Program, and Fundamental Sport Skills is called ‘Physical Literacy’. Physical Literacy is the athletic foundation that underpins success in any sport.



per term

The Golf Development Program takes into account the challenges encountered during what can be one of the most difficult phases in a junior golfer’s development – dealing with a major growth spurt.

Whilst the Program continues to refine golf fundamentals, it has a particular focus on developing all the skills required to shoot lower scores. The Golf Development Program teaches shot making skills such as trajectory and flight control, develops course strategy, game management, and introduces tournament preparation skills.

There is also a focus on teaching effective practice, analysing competition performance and basic mental skills. Athletic Development takes advantage of several training factors that are highly trainable at this time. Speed, stamina, suppleness, strength, and 3D Integration are all trained and developed as part of our Golf Development Program.

The Golf Development Program includes 1 x 30-minute private lessons per term.


The student to class ratio is always 1 coach to 6 students.

Students who miss a class due to illness may join another class that isn’t already at capacity. Please email juniorprogram@yarrabendgolf.com will all enquiries regarding make-up classes.

Make up classes will be scheduled for week 9 if a class is cancelled due to wet weather.

The location of each class can be found on your class calendar. If any last-minute changes are made you will be notified by your class instructor.

We provide all golfing equipment required, however, if your child does have golfing equipment – they are highly encouraged to bring it along.

Your child is welcome to try out a class to see if they like it – trials will only be available in classes not yet at full capacity.

If your child decides to stay with us for the term, this class will be included in the full-term fees.

If your child is a new student, please book them into the appropriate age class. I.e., if your child is 7, book them into Cyclone. Your child is assessed at their first lesson and the instructor will move them up into another class if required.


The Yarra Bend Golf Junior School Holiday Program is the perfect activity for your child during the holidays!

Our Junior Program is so much more than just golf – it’s built around three key ideas, which we believe are essential elements of any school holiday program.

  1. Above all else, we aim to ensure that all kids within the Program have FUN and feel supported.
  2. The Program is all about being ACTIVE! Whilst your child will be exposed to many aspects of golf, we also think it is important that they play a range of other sports to keep the day interesting and to get the blood flowing.
  3. We aim to create a FRIENDLY, supportive environment where all kids feel welcome and included.
    Our expert PGA professionals have extensive experience coaching junior golfers, having coached thousands of Juniors through the Yarra Bend Golf Junior School Holiday Program.

All staff involved with the program hold a Working with Children Check card and are passionate about exposing children to the many benefits of playing golf.


  • Golf coaching across the Yarra Bend Golf driving range, short game area, and putting greens.
  • Comprehensive athletic development (running, skipping, ball skills, strength, and speed skills).
  • Team games and challenges
  • 18 – holes Mini Golf
  • BannLynchMcDade instructors

‘FUN’DAMENTALS – 5-7 years


per session

The ‘FUN’damentals Junior Golf Program has been created specifically for those aged 5 – 7 years. Although our focus is golf coaching, we understand that the best way for young kids to learn is by enjoying themselves. This 2.5-hour golf clinic includes mini golf, fun games and group activities that are all designed to inspire imagination, creativity and self-discovery.

Our PGA Professional Golf Coaches and Sports Development Experts will provide the training required to help your kids learn to love golf from the very beginning.

‘GOLF’LETICS – 8-12 years years


per session

The ‘GOLF’letics Junior Golf Program has been specifically designed for those aged 8 – 12 years. The Ready to Train Program incorporates mini golf, group games and activities along with golf coaching and group challenges. Our PGA Professional golf coaches have designed this program to help take young golfers to the next level, introducing them to technique, block training, skills sessions, AND competition.

Our Professional Golf Coaches and Sports Development Experts are here to help your kids take the next step in their golf journey.

U17S GOLF PROGRAM – 13-17 years


per two-day clinic

The Under 17s Junior Golf Clinic is a two-day program for those aged 13 – 17 years. The clinic focuses on golf technique and training and is a great stepping-stone for those wanting to get out on the course as soon as possible.

The two day program will focus on skills development, technique and use video to analyse full swing, short game and putting. Students will learn the most effective way to practice on their own and how to prepare for a round of golf before getting out on course here at Yarra Bend.

Our PGA Professional Coaches will teach students about etiquette, rules, course maintenance and most importantly skills to score in the game.

What To Bring:

  • Water Bottle 
  • Snacks & Lunch (or money to purchase lunch from the Café)
  • Golf Clubs – if you have them. If you don’t, they will be provided. 

What To Wear:

  • Shorts / Long Pants / Skirts 
  • T-Shirt / Collared Shirt / Long Sleeve
  • Runners / Golf Shoes 
  • Hat 


Latest Past Events

U17s (13-17YRS)

Yarra Bend Golf Yarra Bend Rd, Fairfield, Melbourne


Students who require their session to be rescheduled or cancelled must provide:

  • Minimum 48 hours’ notice to receive a full ticket refund.
  • Minimum 24 hours’ notice to receive a credit note (Credit notes cannot be sold, transferred, or used for any other purpose than securing a place in the Yarra Bend Junior School Holiday Program)

If notice is provided less than 24 hours prior to a session, their session will be forfeited, and the ticket is non-refundable.

All Yarra Bend Junior School Holiday Program sessions will be held at Yarra Bend Golf, in Fairfield.

We recommend all children bring a hat, water bottle, sunscreen, and a coat should there be light rain as the program is run outdoors.

Yes, students can purchase food and drink from our Kiosk which is open from 7am-4pm each day. It is important to note that Yarra Bend is a CASHLESS facility and do require all transactions to be made via card.

We provide all golfing equipment required for the program, however, if your child has their own golfing equipment – they are highly encouraged to bring it along.

The age of the child determines that class that is most appropriate. Please find an age guide below.

  • ‘FUN’DAMENTALS – 5-7 years
  • ‘GOLF’LETICS – 8-12 years
  • U17S GOLF PROGRAM – 13-17 years

The coach will decide if a class needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather. All parents and guardians will be notified in advance by SMS if classes are cancelled.
Students will be given an alternate option as a make-up class in the event of a session being cancelled.

Bookings can ONLY be made online via our website; https://yarrabendgolf.com/coaching/junior-clinic-school-holidays-programs/.

From this link you will be redirected to TryBooking, which is the platform used for all Junior School Holiday Program bookings.

As we have three different class types, the duration of each class is as follows:

  • ‘FUN’DAMENTALS – 2.5 hours
  • ‘GOLF’LETICS – 3.5 hours
  • U17S GOLF PROGRAM – 3.5 hours on two consecutive days

Yes, children can be booked into classes on as many days as they would like. We do not offer discounts on multiple bookings.