Golf is a sport that has lasted for years.

Though the game has stood the test of time since its humble beginnings back in the 15 century, traditional private golf clubs aren’t having so much luck.

With many deeming the private golf clubs as outdated and over-priced, experts have concluded that the private golf membership model is the main reason behind the large number of people hanging up their clubs.

Rather than closing down, clubs are choosing to convert from private to public courses, and there are plenty of beneficial reasons to doing so. So, what’s next? It’s time to adapt and evolve, as the popularity of private golf memberships dies out.

Variety for Modern Players

Many golfers enjoy the sense of community and routine that comes with playing the same golf course time and time again, but as time has progressed, so have consumer preferences. Why limit yourself to the same game at the same course, when you can enjoy a variety of golf courses, with different views and new challenges every time you play? We currently offer the RAVC golf membership to our customers, which is Victoria’s fastest growing social golf program and gives value to its growing community of golfers who are then able to enjoy playing at various clubs across the region.

Minimise Your Expenses

People have simply had enough of paying extortionate joining and membership fees. There are so many incredible public golf ranges in Australia, delivering quality ranges that make private fees seem non-justifiable. Consumers simply want value for their money, some quality golf, and a little variety. We offer a range of flexible membership options that can be tailored to your preferences, providing quality experiences without breaking the bank.

Modernising for Millennials

As millennials are firmly on track to take over from all other age demographics in golf, businesses need to position themselves to be able to take advantage of the modern influx of new customers. When older players lose the ability to play, they’re replaced with millennials that enjoy drinking, wearing casual clothes, and using their social-media. If they do this during their lives off of the course; why should it be any different on it? Past traditions are no longer relevant in a world of sociable millennials that like to chat, enjoy themselves and have fun whilst they play. Refusing to relax your rules? You could be in for a whole lot of trouble.

Inflexible Membership Options

It’s time to for the cold hard truth to be acknowledged about traditional private golf clubs. The inflexibility of some memberships is not only off-putting, but simply unrealistic for families that are on a budget or on limited time. Every kind of golfer should be able to experience hitting the green when the time is right for them, without limitation. Boasting five different golf membership and RAVC golf membership options, we make it easy for you to find the right membership to suit your lifestyle and budget.

We merge the best qualities of traditional and modern golf clubs, to deliver for every kind of customer. Contact us for further details.